Face protection at a fair price

Due to infection risk by Covid-19, we have thought about a protective visor in cooperation with the a local hospital. Thanks to our experience with the processing of plastic, we were able to develop a light and robust face visor and already started producing it.

The system consists of two plastic parts and is easily adjustable to different sizes.
It does not contain any textile parts and can be disinfected completely.
As material for the face visor we use high quality polycarbonate or plexiglass, which offers maximum transparency. You can easily adjust both the distance to the face and the head circumference.
We thought of low weight and an ergonomic shape, so you can wear the face shield comfortably even over longer periods of time and still offers the best possible protection.

As a small company in Traunreut (located in southern Bavaria) we don’t want to take advantage of the current situation. Thus, we offer the protective visor at a fair unit price that only covers our costs. Just call us or send us a mail!